Our Team

Our skillful staff will help you personalise your appearance with custom services and professional products. What makes us special is that we pour our soul into making you feel like you are in another dimension, where you can abandon your cares, awaken your senses, and escape into a world of beauty, wellness and pleasures.

Maria - Beauty Therapist

" Beauty is the spontaneous expression of a harmonious mind, body & spirit". I believe a gentle, holistic approach can help clients achieve optimal wellness and balance. Thinking of the body as a whole can give clients the support they need to manage their mood changes, skin conditions,...

Beauty Treatments
Erika-hand & feet therapist

Your hands and feet are often required to accomplish the most demanding jobs from day to day, so to make sure they will be given the right amount of pampering make an appointment with Erika today.


Beauty Treatments
Lars/ Yoga Instructor

My name is Lars Olav Sande, also known as Darsh, and I primarily instruct hatha yoga. The yoga we see in the west today has become a business and the ‘product’ is shaped after what people demand. Yoga is not about getting the perfect Instagram picture, nor is it a workout. People demand the glamorous. ...

Thomas / Life coach & Trainer

I am passionate about adding value to people and helping them grow and achieve higher standards of success across all areas of their life. My greatest joy is empowering people to step outside their comfort zone with more confidence and self-leadership to be the best that they can be. ...

Gianni / Holistic Health Practitioner

Openhearted with a unique therapeutic touch. Gianni is specialized in massage and bodywork helping you relax, giving you ready-to-use tools customized for you and your everyday life.
Stress management
Relaxation techniques adapted to your ...

Massage Therapies